Why you need to be accredited

Cyber Essentials is a government backed security certificate scheme suitable for all organisations. Its primary objective is to make the UK safer place to conduct business online. 

TheLogic is Cyber Essential and IASME (Information Security for Small Businesses) certified to show that we are committed to secure our Clients’ IT systems. We are an accredited certification body and we can sign off your certification.

A simple virus or malware attack could result in the loss of your company or your clients’ data. By implementing fundemental technical security controls you can help prevent the vast majority of internet cyber attacks. 

Achieving certification will drive efficiency, save money, improve productivity and in addition help you to address other compliance requirements such as PCI DSS. 

A Cyber Essentials will enhance your businesses reputation and open up new commercial opportunies.  Some government contract has Cyber Essentials certification requirement. 

Take the first step to certification with a little, or if needed a lot of help from us. 

Boundary Firewalls and Internet gateway

Secure Configuration

Access Control

Malware Protection

Patch Management

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